Work Meets Play: 6 Workation-Friendly Stays in Boston

Work away from home with these long term rentals


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Digital nomads have been shouting from the rooftops about the perks of working remotely for years. Weโ€™ve all seen the photos as we wrestle with the morning commute, their laptops open on some beach, a funky drink ย (that looks suspiciously alcoholic) in hand – you know who you are! But, things are changing for everyone. Companies are becoming more open-minded to flexible working, meaning less time in the office and more time working from home – or, pretty much anywhere you like. As we see vaccines being rolled out worldwide and covid restrictions slowly easing, who knows where you’ll have that next meeting. Take a look at some workation-friendly places to stay in Boston.ย 

1. 7th Street Co-Living by Splitspace

This cosy apartment building is located a short distance from downtown Boston and is close to many tech companies, as well as the Hult International Business school. Itโ€™s a basic set up, but the rooms are clean and comfortable. The apartment comes with a ย shared kitchen, ensuring you stay social in between stints on your laptop.ย 

7th Street Co-Living Splitspace
6 7th St, Cambridge, MA 02141, USA
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Minimum Stay: 120 nights
Amenities:ย Public parking, shared kitchen, desk, laundry, wifi
Shared Facilities? Yes
A bed and chair

Image Credit: @live.anyspace

2. Beacon Street Apartments by Stars of Bostonย 

This historic brownstone building is just a stone’s throw from downtown Boston in the cityโ€™s Brookline district. The property consists of studios and private rooms with cosy furnishings providing a home from home feel. The rooms hold a maximum of two guests so it’s a good option for a professional couple.ย 

Beacon Street Apartments by Stars of Bostonย 
Beacon Street, Brookline, MA, USA
Open in Google Mapsย 
Minimum stay: 30 nights

Amenities: Wifi, laundry, TV, coffee maker, refrigerator.
No of Guests: 2
Shared Facilities? A mix of private and shared.

A bed and chairs

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3. Studio Apartments by My Boston Tripย 

These are fully furnished studio apartments complete with a private kitchen and bathroom. They’re located close to the buzz of downtown, perfect for the urbanite who likes a social session but also appreciates their own space.ย 

Studio Apartments by My Boston Tripย 
224 Trentmont St, Boston, MA 02116, USA
Open in Google Mapsย 

Minimum stay: 30 nights
No ofย  Guests: 2-3
Amenities: wifi, private bath, kitchen, refrigerator, cable TV
Shared Bathroom: No

Bed and chair by the windowImage Credit:

4. #236: Fenway

This three bed, one bathroom property is located in Fenway and great for a sociable professional looking to make some friends in the city. All rooms feature queen beds, black out curtains and desk space. The living room is home to a TV with HBO and Netflix a perfect excuse to get the house together for a film fest.


#236: Fenwayย 
55 Park Drive, Boston, MA 02215 United States
Open in Google Mapsย 

Minimum Stay: 30 nights
No of Guests: 1
Amenities: WIfi, desk, public parking, shared kitchen
Shared facilities? Yes

A bed and lamp

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5. #322: South Bostonย 

This apartment is situated in South Boston near a good mix of bars and restaurants. It features five private rooms, each with a queen bed, and two bathrooms. The property is also a quick hop from Pleasure Beach giving you views of the sea and the chance to swap your desk for sandy shores.ย 

#322: South Bostonย 
870 E 5th Street, Boston, United States
Open in Google Mapsย 

Minimum Stay: 30 nights
No of guests per room: 1
Amenities: Public parking, wifi, desk space, blackout curtains
Shared Facilities: Yes

View of the sea and houses

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6. SoBe Central Chinatown Apartments

This entire apartment is up for grabs, so if you’re โ€˜workationingโ€™ with a mate or two it’ll be a good shout. Situated in downtown Boston, it’s a great place to mix work with pleasure and is also close to all the guidebook attractions if you want to be a tourist for the day. The apartment comes with a sofa bed too – great for last-minute extras.ย 

SoBe Central Chinatown Apartmentsย 
1 Nassau St, Boston, MA 02111 United States
Open in Google Mapsย 

Minimum stay: 30 nights
No of guests – Entire apartment sleeps ย 1-6
Amenities: Private bath, fully equipped kitchen, cable TV.
Shared Facilities? Noย 

Sofas, chairs and a TV
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