5 Quirky Sights in Boston

Looking for some unusual sites in Boston? Read on.


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If you want something different Boston is the place. Tear yourself away from the mainstream and take a peek at these quirky sites in the city.Β 

1. Skin Book – Boston Athenaeum

Boston’s oldest independent library is a sight to see in itself, founded in 1807, it is home to half a million volumes – perfect for the avid bookworm. For fans of the macabre, book an appointment to see the skinbound confessions of local highwayman James Allen – yes, you heard right. The notorious highwayman was imprisoned at Massachusetts State Prison where he died. Β His death bed confessions were later bound, post-mortem, in his own skin.

Boston AthenaeumΒ 
10Β½ Beacon Street, Boston, MA 02108
Open in Google Maps Man pointing to the skin book

Image Credit: @bostonathenaem

2. Scarlett O’ Hara HouseΒ 

If you happen to be strolling up Revere street, take a peek down Rollins Place – do you see it too? Not just us then! The white Greek-style architecture seems out of place against the Bostonian bricked houses; and here’s a secret – it’s not real. The two-story mini dwelling is actually an optical illusion; a three-dimensional painting used to cover up a drab wall.Β 

Revere Street at Rollins Place, Boston, MA 02114

3. The Ether Dome – Massachusetts General HospitalΒ 

The Ether Dome was the location of the first surgical procedure using an anaesthetic (ether). It was performed by William TG Morton in 1846 and was one of 8,000 operations that took place between 1821 and 1868. Other curiosities include an authentic Egyptian mummy, Padisherself, who has been resident since 1823.Β 

The Ether DomeΒ 
55 Fruit Street Bulfinch Building, 4th Floor Boston, MA 02114
Open in Google MapsCeiling of the Ether Dome

Image Credit: @massgeneral

4. Skinny House – North End

The beginnings of this compact dwelling are debated, but local legend has it that the builder, having returned from the Civil War, found that his brother had built on nearly all of their inherited land – leaving him only a small piece. Making the most of what was left, he erected the skinny house. It stands four stories tall and ten feet wide and is considered the narrowest house in BostonΒ 

44 Hull St, Boston, MA 02113
Open in Google Maps Exterior shot of a house

Image Credit: @walkntours


5. Museum of Modern RenaissanceΒ 

Russian artists Nicholas Shaplyko and Ekaterina Sorokina have transformed their Boston home into a vibrant piece of art. The bright hypnotic colours depicting mystical beings, certainly catch the eye – Β definitely one to see for the budding artist.Β  Tours are available online and by appointment when restrictions allow.Β 

Museum of Modern Rennaisance
115 College Avenue Somerville, MA 02144
Open in Google Maps Brightly coloured painted face

Image Credit: @museumofmod.renaissance








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