5 Bars in Allston

Looking to wet your whistle? Try these 5 Allston watering holes.


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This student-heavy neighbourhood is acknowledged to be the most hipster in the US. Not that we would ever stereotype, but a student area means youโ€™ll never be short of a good bar or two, right? Have a look at our top 5 picks of where to raise a glass in Allston.

1. The Avenueย 

This well-established drinking hole has been feeding and watering the neighbourhood for years. Itโ€™s open all day, every day, hosting a range of 30 beers on tap and a funky looking cocktail menu. The food is good too and served up until last orders – which here is at 1.45 am.ย 

The Avenue
1249 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, MA 02134
Telephone: +1 617-903-3110
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Image Credit: @avenueallston

2. Lulusย 

If you take your beer seriously, Luluโ€™s has one of the best selections in the city; from hoppy, to sour and funky, youโ€™ll find something that will hit the spot – you can even take a four-pack home if needs must! For the less discerning, but equally enthused about alcohol units, peruse the menu to find the โ€˜package dealsโ€™. Try a ย ‘Cheap Date’ (Highlife beer and a shot of Rock and Rye), or maybe a Brosรฉ ( Highlife beer topped with Campari). Donโ€™t knock it until youโ€™ve tried it.ย 

421 Cambridge St, Allston, Boston, MA 02134
Telephone: +1 617-787-1117
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Image Credit: @lulusallstonย 


3. Hopewell Bar and Kitchenย 

A well-stocked bar greets thirsty patrons at this establishment. Indulge your inner teen spirit with a playlist of cocktails like the Love Buzz or a Heart-Shaped box; tributes to the angst-laden grunge of Nirvana. The beers will catch your eye too, we recommend the IPA called Flying Monkeys Juicy Ass – when in Rome, right?ย ย 

Hopewell Bar and Kitchenย 
1277 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, MA 02134
Telephone: +1 617-208-8925
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Image Credit: @hopewellboston

4. Model Cafeย 

This Allston staple guarantees cheap drink, music and a good time! It was first opened as the North Beacon Lunch Club in 1932 and has morphed into one of the best dive bars in the area. No surprises on the menu here, but your money will go further – the cheapest draft comes in at $3.50.

Model Cafeย 
7 North Beacon St, Allston, Boston, MA 02134
Telephone: +1 617-254-9365
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Image Credit: @model_cafe

5. The Silhouette Loungeย 

The Silhouette Lounge (aka The Silly), is a rite of passage for any self-respecting resident of Allston. Itโ€™s an adult playground of darts, dark corners and lots of alcohol. The drinks are cheap and thereโ€™s free popcorn – sign us up!ย 

The Silhouette Loungeย 
200 Brighton Ave, Boston, MA 02134
Telephone: 617-206-4565
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