We Hope You’re Hungry: 6 Chicago Deep-Dish Pizzerias

If you have a serious appetite read on to discover the mighty Chicago deep-dish pizza.


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Chicago’s deep-dish pizza first burst onto the foodie scene in the 1940s and has been a much-loved favourite ever since. The pizza is characterised by a thick pie-like crust that holds back a sea of melted cheese and tomato sauce. Because of this, we recommend eating these beasts with a knife and fork – this is no ordinary pizza. Here are the top 6 places to enjoy this iconic Chicago dish.ย 

1. Burts Place

Locals in the know have always flocked to this place, but Burtโ€™s soared in popularity after a visit from the legendary chef Anthony Bourdain in 2009. The joint was opened in 1989 by local hero Burt Katz and is famous for its pizza in a pan sporting a serious caramelized crust. Choose from small (10โ€) to large (16โ€). Sadly Burt passed away a few years ago, but his spirit still lives on in his pizza.ย 

Burts Placeย 
8541 Ferris Ave Morton Grove, IL 60053
(847) 965-7997
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Pizza in a pan

Image Credit: @burtsplacepizzaย 

2. The Art of Pizzaย 

If you have experienced the mammoth feat of tackling one of these deep-dish pizzaโ€™s, we salute you. Luckily for us, The Art of Pizza is forgiving and sells individual slices – to be honest, we think one is enough! If you’re seriously hungry, choose from Artโ€™s Meaty delight or feel free to go vegetarian with Art’s Vege. The largest size is 18โ€ and is available to go, so you can burn the calories as you eat.ย 

The Art of Pizza
3033 N Ashland Ave Chicago, IL 60657
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A slice of pizza and melted cheese

Image Credit: @theartofpizza_inc

3. My Pi Pizza

This spot is considered to be the best in Chicago. Why is that, I hear your ask. Well, think of a golden crisp base encased in a rich tomato sauce and finished off with Wisconsin cheese and you’ll get the idea. The sauce is flavoured with a secret blend of herbs and spices which will guarantee a unique taste. My Pi Pizza is also Vegan friendly and has its own dedicated vegan menu.ย 

My Pi Pizzaย 
2010 N Damen Ave E Chicago, IL 60647
(773) 394-6900
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Deep dish pizza

Image Credit:@mypipizzachicago

4. Millyโ€™s Pizza in the Panย 

This โ€˜ghost kitchenโ€™ is a virtual restaurant and is available for takeaway and deliveries – perfect for these uncertain times. Inspired by the culinary greats of Burt Katz and his grandmother, Chef Robert Wilson opened Millyโ€™s in 2020. Heโ€™s quickly become a hit, and itโ€™s easy to see why. Chef Wilson covers the dough in mozzarella and bakes it twice creating a cheesy crispy crust. Innovative offerings include the Que Suerte (pineapple, jalapeno, cherry tomatoes and brown sugar bacon).ย 

Millyโ€™s Pizza in the Pan
1801 N Spaulding Ave Chicago, IL 60647
(224) 656-473
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Close up shot of a pizza

Image Credit: @millys_pizza_in_the_pan

5. Ginoโ€™s Eastย 

Next stop, Gino’s East. This much-loved establishment was opened in 1966 and has been serving hungry Chicagoans its trademark deep crust offerings ever since – theyโ€™ve made a bit of a name for themselves. Expect a generous helping of mozzarella swimming in rich tomato sauce; lapping up against the unique cornmeal crust (secret recipe, so donโ€™t bother asking!). On top of this, the team are also doing take-home pizza kits for you to create your own at home.ย 

Ginos Eastย 
162 E Superior St Chicago, IL 60611
(312) 266-3337
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Pizza and melted cheese

Image credit: @ginoseast

6. Giordano’s

This popular local chain sets the bar high with its stuffed pizza. The secret, an extra layer of dough is added above and below the filling designed to send you spinningย into carb overload – delicious, but you might want to share. However, if you really feel like this would destroy you, ย go for the thin crust option – it’s just as good.
730 N Rush St Chicago, IL 60611
(312) 951-0747
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Image Credit: @giordanospizza





















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