create Segmented target lists

Run campaigns to different target lists including your competitor's followers, your newest followers, imported leads or to your most loyal fans.

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Import a Target List or
Create New Ones

Increase engagement and sales by running multiple campaigns to your Target Lists.

List Your Competitor’s Followers

Grow your business by understanding what content is performing best:

List Users that Followed You Back

Zoom into any date to monitor your exact follower growth rate:

List Your Most Engaged Followers (aka your super fans)

Compare your Instagram posts to discover your most engaging content:

Import Brands or Influencers Leads From Our Database

Track your competitors along side you own account to compare or if you are running an agency see everything in one place.


What Customers Say



“On some days I receive 80-100 followers”

My stats over the last week have been great πŸ‘ On some days I receive 80-100 followers compared to usually 2 or 3 a day. So massive improvement! Thank you team Sup. for all the hard work! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
Life Coach

“We have doubled our followers”

I have been working with 'Sup. for 9 months now. Love Matt and the team! We have doubled our followers and the team gave us loads of growth tips and recommondations along the way.
Drink Brand

“I am now growing by 70-100 followers a day!”

I am a new business owner and Sup has allowed me to focus my time on developing my products, instead of managing Instagram 10 hours a day. I am now growing by 70-100 followers a day! Highly recommend!
Beauty Brand

“Already acquired two customers!”

I've just started with Sup and have to say I am super impressed. I have been on the service for less than 1 month and have already acquired two customers!
Property Entrepreneur

“Their service saved me hundreds of hours”

I currently have 5 accounts live with Sup. Followers and engaement is growing for each. Their service has saved me hundreds of hours a month! Now I focus my time on content.
Restaurant PR Manager

“Love the service. Recommend!”

Love the service. Recommend! The best thing is being able to leave our IG account on autopilot so the team and I can focus on other tasks.

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