Painting the Town Red: 8 Street Art Locations in Barcelona

Move over Banksy


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Barcelonaโ€™s art scene is certainly one of the best in the world. The city is full to the brim with museums and galleries celebrating its illustriousย artistic past. As times have changed, the cityโ€™s art has spilled out onto the streets and the Catalan capital now has one of the most impressive collections of street art in Europe. Check out some of the hotspots here.

1. La Carboneriaย 

One of Barcelonaโ€™s most famous street illustrations is this large mural painted on the facade of an abandoned coal factory. Known as La Carboneria and situated in the San Antoni region of the city, the building was once home to squatters before the implication of their eviction in 2014. After this, La Carboneria was earmarked for demolition, but was saved by the city council and re-categorised as being historic and of artistic interest. With the entirety of the exterior covered in beautiful, creative graffiti art, people from across the globe flock to see it, making it one of Barcelonaโ€™s most photographed buildings and a must-visit.

La Carboneria, Barcelona
Image Credit: @gobarsa

2. El Poblenouย 

A vast district filled with trendy bars and cafes, El Poblenou is arguably one of Barcelonaโ€™s coolest neighbourhoods. Filled to the brim with disused factories and trade buildings, it was once the beating heart of industrial works in Barcelona. Now home to thousands of artists, designers and many other brilliant creatives, El Poblenou is experiencing massive regeneration through the medium of impressive and eye-catching street art covering building fronts throughout the area.

El Poblenou, Barcelona
Image Credit: @barcelonastreetart

3. The Gothic Quarterย 

Barcelonaโ€™s most historical neighbourhood, The Gothic Quarter is home to some of the most exceptional street art in the city. Already filled with famous landmarks, cool bars, Catalan restaurants and winding medieval streets, The Gothic Quarterโ€™s numerous street artists have given the area a new lease of life. One of the first places to put street art in Barcelona on the map, discover the stellar collection of old and new artwork scattered across walls and building fronts.

The Gothic Quarter, Barcelona
Image Credit: @barcelonastreetart

4. The Three Chimney’s Urban Parkย 

Being one of the cityโ€™s only purpose built graffiti parks, this urban jungle showcases work from both professional and amateur artists. Situated near the Poble-Sec neighbourhood, the parkโ€™s name is derived from three large brick chimneys that tower over, all remains of a 20th century power station. Dominated mainly by three large concrete walls, on which artists can paint and spray to their heart’s content, without fear of punishment. The murals never stick around for longer than a week as a fresh new look is applied by different artists, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled.ย 

The Three Chimney's Urban Park, Barcelona
Image Credit: @streetartpedia

5. Tribute to Joan Miro (Sant Pau/Riereta)

Situated on the corner of Sant Pau and Riereta is a geometric masterpiece. Bursting with bright colours and groovy patterns, this particular piece of street art is a tribute to Barcelonaโ€™s very own Joan Miro. A famed painter, sculptor and ceramicist, Miro created surrealist, modern art that was loved by many. A museum dedicated to his work, the Fundacio Joan Miro, was erected in 1975. Then in 2014 artist SIXE was funded by the city of Barcelona to create the tribute which has become loved and adored not only by tourists, but by locals as well.ย 

Joan Miro Tribute, Barcelona
Image Credit: @flowervacation


6. Walter White Homage

Calling all Breaking Bad fanatics! Yes, Barcelona has its very own homage to the much loved protagonist of the American drama series. Located in the Gracia area of the city, this full-wall spread depicts a colourful version of the characters face, with an uncanny likeness. Created by street art duo Adria Bosch and Oriol Piquet, they have numerous other famous portraits scattered across the city, including depictions of Lionel Messi and Michael Jackson. Celebrity hunters, this is one for you!

Walter White homage, Barcelona
Image Credit: @tereza_con_zeta

7. Bostik Murals

Being the first urban art museum in Barcelona, the Bostik Murals museum isnโ€™t afraid to break the mould. Featuring work by renowned artists and muralists, this is arguably the epicentre of street wise creativity. However, the organisation ensures that lesser known artists donโ€™t go unnoticed and have designated areas for them to express themselves, as well as holding an array of talks, presentations and workshops on the urban art debate to allow them to grow into fully-fledged street art maestros.

Bostik Murals, Barcelona
Image Credit: @difusorbcn

8. Euro Sharkย 

One of the more politically charged pieces of art Barcelona has to offer, this three-metre long shark that graces the wall at the top of the El Carmel neighbourhood is made up of individually painted โ‚ฌ100 notes. When city officials began to eradicate the creation of street art, the cityโ€™s Contemporary Culture Centre put together festivals to raise money for struggling street artists. In 2008, well-known Bolognian artist Blu created this unmissable piece as a constant reminder of corruption within the country. Political or not, this is certainly a spectacle to be gazed upon.ย 

Euro Shark, Barcelona
Image Credit: @alpargatadefoc




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