Don’t Worry, Beach Happy: 5 of Barcelona’s Best Beaches

Life’s a beach


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Whether you’re looking to sun yourself on the sand or take the plunge in the rolling waves of the Med, we have scouted out five of the finest beaches Barcelona has to offer.

1. Mar Bella BeachΒ 

Hugely popular amongst young locals and visitors alike, Mar Bella beach was created as part of a coastal renovation in the city in preparation for the 1992 Olympic Games. Boasting numerous sporting areas from beach volleyball courts and basketball hoops to wind-surfing and sailing, Mar Bella beach possesses a unique attraction point in the form of a nudist area. Accessible from the city centre via bus, tram or metro, this calming coastline is perfect for those looking for a quiet, relaxing beach day.Β 

Mar Bella Beach, Barcelona
Image Credit: @david.soanes

2. Nova Icaria Beach

One of the city’s most popular beaches, Nova Icaria is situated slap-bang in the middle of Barcelona’s coastline. Visited mostly by families and groups of friends, along with Bogatell beach, it’s one of the calmest. In close proximity to the Olympic Port, this beach is accessible either via public transport or on foot. Nova Icaria offers a range of leisure activities including a large sports area and play park with various refreshment options.

Nova Icaria Beach, Barcelona
Image Credit: @victor20bcn

3. Barceloneta Beach

Along with San Sebastia, Barceloneta beach is one of the city’s oldest and largest beaches. With this bustling coastline being so close to the city centre, it is no wonder that it is the most visited by both locals and tourists. Like others, Barceloneta beach holds host to numerous leisure and sporting activities, and for those of you partial to a beach read, you can pay a visit to the resident beach library. As well as this, Barceloneta offers up a plentiful amount of bars and restaurants scattered along the lively promenade.

Barceloneta Beach, Barcelona
Image Credit: @barcelonetabeachtennis

4. Sant Sebastia Beach

Being home to some of Barcelona’s most important sports clubs, Sant Sebastia beach is the full package. With a range of amenities including indoor and outdoor swimming pools, Sant Sebastia offers a specified area for people with reduced mobility with volunteers on hand to help people in and out of the water.

Sant Sebastia Beach, Barcelona
Image Credit: @bcn4unet

5. Llevant Beach

One of the newest beaches along Barcelona’s coastline, Llevant beach was created in 2006. Situated slightly further away from the city centre, this seashore acts as a peaceful alternative. Despite this, it is still accessible via bus, tram or metro and offers a range of services, albeit slightly more limited than other beaches along the coast.Β 

Llevant Beach, Barcelona
Image Credit: @eugenebugrim


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