Howl To Be Different: 6 Alternative Dog Food Brands

Upgrade your dog’s dinner with these tasty brands.


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As humans, we’re good at giving ourselves a balanced diet, but what about our furry companions? Firstly, we want them to have a healthy diet. And secondly, they deserve the best too! Sniff out some of these healthy doggy goodies that’ll put a swagger in your pooches step – you’d be barking mad not to (sorry, we had to).

1. PetalumaΒ 

Petaluma is a great option for those looking to lower their carbon pawprint. Their products are plant-based, sustainable and cruelty-free, and because the ingredients are packed with plant proteins, vitamins and many more goodies, you’ll be able to keep your pooch in tip-top condition whilst being kind to the environment.


Dog on a beach

Image Credit: @feedpetaluma

2. The Farmer’s dog

This brand is shaking up the pet food industry by delivering freshly made doggy dinners straight to your door. We love this one, because the product is packed with human-grade meat and veg, Β and the meals arrive pre-portioned and ready to be munched by your salivating pooch – easy peasy!


A dog licking a food packet

Image Credit: @thefarmersdog

3. A Pup Above

A Pup Above brings you delicious sous-vide style food that’ll show your furry friend that you really care. This food is different, because unlike regular dog food brands –Β  that cook the ingredients at high heat, destroying many of the nutrients – A Pup Above uses a sous-vide method to cook at a slower rate, keeping all those essential goodies locked inside.Β 

Website: A Pup Above

Dog food bowls

Image Credit: @apupabove

4. Bond Pet Foods

Give your dog an innovative snack that harnesses the power of science to create something special. Bond Pet Foods make meat-free doggy treats by extracting chicken protein and mixing it with yeast – the team can explain it better than us, so check out their website. One thing we can say though, you’re pup won’t know the difference. It comes with all the amino acids and vitamins your dog needs and it’s cruelty-free.


A dog eating a treat

Image Credit: @bondpetfoods

5. TomojoΒ 

Tomojo produces a range of pet foods for cats and dogs using insect proteins. The team use insect powder in place of regular meat as it provides a high-quality source of protein and is packed with amino and fatty acids. If you’re sceptical, let your dog decide.Β 

A dog food packet
Image Credit:Β

6. Jinx

Jinx has kicked all the bad stuff out of your dog’s dinner and produced tasty kibble sent straight to your door. Kibble is basically ground up ingredients shaped into pellets, and if you’re buying from Jinx,Β  it’ll be stuffed with animal proteins and natural superfoods.Β Β 


A bowl of dog food.

Image Credit: @thinkjinx














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