Hangover Free Fun: 6 Refreshing Zero-Alcohol Tipples

Keep a clear head with these interesting concoctions


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Have you ever been at a party and uttered those 3 unholy words no socialite wants to hear? As soon as you utter them the room goes silent for a micro-second, and you’re suddenly the social pariah of the party – yeah, Β we’ve all been there. Well, you’re amongst friends here so the ‘I’m not drinking’ line is ok. And to be honest, we’re starting to think it’s a good option – that hangover just isn’t worth it anymore. Many brands have picked up on this, and have eagerly jumped into a gap in the market crying out for more inspiring zero-alcohol options. For the teetotalers amongst you, this is great news. It means greater choice and freedom from the shackles of boring soft drinks. Check out the brands we’ve found that’ll provide you with some clear-headed fun.Β 

1. Days Brewing

The team at Days are proud to be 100% alcohol-free. The beer was born out of a desire to produce a great tasting product that would help drinkers get more from life not less. Their unique brewing process locks in the flavour giving you the fully loaded, refreshing taste of beer minus the road to the obvious hangover.Β Β 

Website: days brewing.com

Close up shot of a beer bottle

Image Credit: @daysbrewingΒ 

2. Three SpiritΒ 

Approved by world-class bartenders and hedonists, this booze-free potion has stoked the flames of the teetotal revolution. The straight-line walking concoction features a blend of botanicals that have been used for centuries, and include hits such as valerian root and lions mane. Add them to your cocktail shaker for a funky looking drink without the punch of alcohol.Β 

Website: www.threspiritdrinks.com

A cocktail and a bottle of Three Spirit

Image Credit: @threespiritdrinks

3. Bonbuz

Featuring the A-team of ingredients: nootropics, amino acids and adaptogens, this zero-alcohol concoction supplies you with a Β natural buzz, guaranteed not to send you crashing like a bowling ball through the dance floor – unless you’re particularly bad at pulling shapes. Try it in your favourite cocktail for a more lucid, slur-free evening.Β 

Website: bonbuz.comΒ 

A bottle of bon buzz being held by two hands

Image Credit: @bonbuz

4. Al’sΒ 

Another one for the hop-lovers. Al’s is a classic American lager – crisp, refreshing and alcohol-free. The creator was frustrated at the lack of choice for beer drinkers who wanted a break from alcohol, but still enjoyed the refreshing hit of a cold one – he decided to change things. If you’re dipping your toes into the waters of a teetotal life this lager is a great place to start.Β 

Website: www.drinkals.com

A glass of beer and a can of beer

Image Credit: @drink_als

5. Ghia

Wake up the morning after clear-headed with Ghia still fresh in your mind – was it love at first taste? Β Inspired by the sun-kissed shores of the Mediterranean, Ghia is a mix of herbs, plants and botanicals selected for their ability to soothe the mind and stimulate the soul –Β  no head pounding regrets here.Β 

Website: drinkghia.com

An empty cocktail glass next to a bottle

Image Credit: @drinkghia

6. Monday-GinΒ 

Zero-alcohol, gluten-free, zero-carb, zero-sugar – did I miss anything? Oh yeah, it’s vegan. If you love gin but hate the ruin that it brings after one too many, Monday-Gin is worth a taste. It’s a blend of citrus, juniper, natural botanicals and spices that’ll pick you up and give you a healthy glow – plus it tastes like a real G&T.

Website: drinkmonday.coA red drink a bottle and a can

Image Credit: @drinkmonday










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