Nourish and Protect: 7 Fresh Skin Care Brands

Look after your skin this summer


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Our poor skin has had a rough year – it’s been drenched in hand-sanitiser, exposed to all kinds of harsh hand soaps, and now summer is around the corner – it’s worn out and needs your help. Let’s make a pact to take care of our skin and give it what it needs. Here are some interesting skin brands that’ll help you to get started

1. Good LightΒ 

This intelligent skin-care brand brings you a cruelty-free, vegan alternative to giving your skin what it needs. The team believes in inclusive beauty culture, and their product embraces the diversity and fluidity of the world we live in today. All ingredients are non-toxic and perfect for sensitive skin.

Website:Β Good Light

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2. GallinΓ©e

This product is perfect for sensitive skin because it’s packed with probiotics that will soothe and revitalise its microbiome. In case you were wondering, the microbiome is a living micro-organism that exists on and in your body. It plays a key role in sustaining the skin’s protective barrier, so it makes sense to treat this micro friend like a member of the family.Β 

Website: gallinΓ©

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3. One-ThingΒ 

Korean brand One-Thing uses only natural ingredients to create an all-in-one skincare and fragrance product. Every ingredient used is essential to keeping your skin healthy, plus it saves buying two separate products helping to reduce waste.


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4. Meta-skinΒ 

The Meta-skin team look to the past for inspiring skincare tips that encourage your body’s natural ability to heal. Meet the Body Cup. Β It’s designed to increase lymphatic drainage and promote blood circulation. So what, I hear you ask. Well, all of the above increases skin firmness and the breakdown of fatty deposits, which is great for diminishing cellulite and stretch marks.Β 


Close up of the Body pump

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5. NΓΈieΒ 

NΓΈie gets rid of the one size fits all approach and produces a product designed just for you and your unique skin. By providing the team with a skin profile, you’ll receive a product that is exactly what you need. No more hit and miss experiences, get it right the first time.Β 


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6. Supergoop

The first skin-care product to put SPF into the mix, which means you nourish your skin whilst protecting it from the harmful effects of the sun – think sunscreen and body lotion rolled into one. The light-reflecting minerals help bring out that natural glow giving your skin a healthy-looking shine – perfect for those long summer days.Β 


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Image Credit: @supergoop

7. TypologyΒ 

Typology wants to simplify skincare and have made a range of products using only the essential ingredients – no fuss, just the care your skin needs.Β  All products are vegan, perfume-free and suitable for sensitive skin.


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