Live Your Life Well: 8 Supplements You Need To Try

Brands that care about our health


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In an increasingly hectic world, it’s more important than ever to keep ourselves in tip-top condition. We’re always on the hunt for easy, cool ways to give our bodies what they need – here’s what we found.Β 

1. TaimiΒ 

Want to provide your body with the best but don’t know where to start? Meet Taimi, the company breathing life back into your health routine. The company provides encapsulated powder fully loaded with natural ingredients designed to give your body what it needs. Add to hot drinks, smoothies or porridge to kick start your day – a simple fuss-free way to help you blossom.Β 


Taimi supplement products

Image Credit: @taimi.loveΒ 

2. Good Company TeaΒ 

Shed your stress with a selection of CBD teas, lovingly created to tuck you into a bed of tranquillity. CBD is a natural compound found in cannabis that promotes positive behavioural benefits, such as a decrease in anxiety and a better nights sleep. Each blend starts with tea at the base with CBD extract blended in.Β  Don’t worry, it’s not psychoactive – no mind-altering effects here – just the perks, minus the trip.Β 


Good Company Tea boxes

Image Credit: @goodcompanytea

3. Tomen BotanicalsΒ 

The team at Tomen look to the past for inspiring healing remedies that tame the storm of modern living.Β  Their quest for the most powerful healing plants comes with a respect for its environment, and experienced cultivators use botanicals as sustainably sourced as possible. Just a drop into water will be enough to invigorate and revitalise.Β Β 

Website: www.tomen.comΒ 

Tomen tincture bottle

Image Credit: @tomenbotanicals

4. GoldmineΒ 

This brand believes in the power of adaptogens to help your body maintain a balance of wellness. But what are adaptogens? To put it simply, they are super herbs that help our bodies fight the negative effects of stress. Adding Goldmines adaptogen powder into your food or drink can increase your energy, enhance your stress management, boost your immune system and much more.Β 


Adaptogen powder pack

Image Credit: @drinkgoldmine

5. Rainbo

A sustainable mushroom brand –Β  say what? Rainbo is committed to the power of fungi, and have developed a range of functional foods and supplements born from our mushroom friends. Fungi have been used for their medicinal benefits for thousands of years in many cultures – the Egyptians believed they were the herb of immortality. Let our fungi friends do what they do best with the team’s range of tinctures and teas.Β 


Rainbow tincture bottle

Image Credit: @rainbomushrooms

6. ProperΒ 

Struggling to catch some Zs? Proper have created a range of all-natural sleep supplements that go easy on your body, giving you sound sleep without the groggy effects obtained from other market brands. They also offer to pair you, 1:1 with a sleep coach, so you can be sure you’re doing all you can to get the best night kip.Β 


Sleep supplement bottle

Image Credit: @get_proper

7. PlantriseΒ 

Welcome to your all-in-one daily supplement, packed to the rafters with vitamins. It’s designed to give you 12 servings of fruit and veg in just one scoop and is loaded with naturally occurring enzymes, helping your body easily absorb the goodness – just what the doctor ordered.Β 


Plantrise pack

Image Credit: @plantrise

8. Fight VitaminsΒ 

These tasty, vegan-friendly, gummy sweets are packed with all the good stuff. Whether you want to get a vitamin C Β boost or increase your bone strength, these chewy treats have got you covered. Don’t worry, there are no artificial flavours, GMO’s, or other gunk and for every bottle you buy, the team will donate one nutritious meal to a vulnerable person.Β 

Red support immunity bottle

Image Credit: @fightvitamins









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