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Create a campaign once and collaborate with 100s of content creators of various sizes... all on autopilot.

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Access our end-to-end community marketing platform with simple, pay-as-you-go pricing. No setup fees, monthly fees, or hidden fees. Only pay 10% + cc per creator collaboration.

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Access our end-to-end community marketing platform with simple, pay-as-you-go pricing. No setup fees, monthly fees, or hidden fees. Only pay 10% + cc per creator collaboration.

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Offer flexible rewards to Creators

Gift products, offer cash, sales commission or a combination of all three. Our platform allow you to build the perfect reward strategy to incentivise the right creators.

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Streamline the tasks you hate

Execute campaigns with ease by keeping all communication, content approvals, legal and payments within one centralised platform.

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Recruit the Right Creators

Browse our 50 million database or do a live creator search on your own account or your competitors using Sup Radar™ - our proprietary social search engine.

Monitor Competitors

Use Sup Signals™ to track your competitors and your market. View deep insight so you can make the right strategic decisions.

Report, Messure & Analyse

Track performance, measure ROI, and obtain critical insights with deep reporting and analytics, all done in real-time with first-party data direct from TikTok & Instagram

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In-house campaign management

Our team is here to make sure you’re matched with the right creators, deliverables are handed off on time, and your campaign strategy and creative are a success.

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Get content for every objective

Whether it’s a food commercial, or ASMR for automotive, you’ll find specialized creator talent to produce public promotions or private UGC to help you reach your goals

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Case Studies

We help customers achieve measurable results. Check out hundreds of customer stories showing how Sup is the perfect partner to increase your EMV, ROI and Revenue.

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Save Time

Search as much as you want, using our powerful search filters.

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Our search engine returns results in milliseconds. We take pride in that.

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Keepin' it simple. We offer transparent pay-as-go pricing.


Feel good knowing you are contributing 1% towards carbon removal

Removing CO₂ from the atmosphere is critical to counteract climate change, but it needs to catch up. A fraction of every purchase from 👋 Sup helps new carbon removal technologies scale.

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Let us manage your influencer campaigns so you can focus on more important tasks


“Already acquired two customers!”

I've just started with Sup and have to say I am super impressed. I have been on the service for less than 1 month and have already acquired two customers!
Property Entrepreneur

“Their service saved me hundreds of hours”

I currently have 5 accounts live with Sup. Followers and engaement is growing for each. Their service has saved me hundreds of hours a month! Now I can focus my time on content.
PR Manager

“Love the service. Recommend!”

Love the service. Recommend! The best thing is being able to leave our IG account on autopilot so the team and I can focus on other tasks.


You will receive access to our full database of influencers with their contact information. We do not have preexisting relationships with these Instagram or TikTok influencers, which means you can find the ideal influencer for your marketing campaigns. You own the influencer relationship, allowing you to negotiate the deals you want.

Yes, you can change or cancel your plan at any time in your settings. Once you have canceled your plan, you will retain access to your premium plan until the end of your subscription cycle. At this point, you will be moved to our free plan.

Using Sup Creators, you can filter your search by: Followers, Location, Language, Engagement, Is Verified, Has Email, Has Website. Both the location and the language filters are not available on the Teaser Plan.

An influencer marketing campaign usually represents a specific outreach effort. For example, you want to outreach 100 potential influencers for a back-to-school campaign. It is an easy way to manage the lifecycle of your influencer marketing.

You will receive the following information, if available: Handle, Email, Profile URL, Language, Followers, Engagement, Topics, Website.

When you export your campaign, you will receive a CSV file, which you can add to your favorite CRM tool. We propose using Lemlist, Mailshake or Gmass, but you can use any tool you wish. These tools make pitching influencers much easier to manage.


It’s a question we get a lot, and the answer is it depends. Because a lot of our clients were looking for an influencer marketing agency, we created one that focuses strictly on micro-influencer marketing. You should consider factors such as internal resources, budget, complexity and scale when choosing between using a tool in-house or hiring an agency.


We pre-vet all of our profiles by checking content authenticity, engagement metrics, and fraudulent behaviors.


Absolutely. Contact us and we will unlock our charity plan for you.

We don’t have any relationship with the influencers displayed on Sup Creators. They were chosen and added to our platform based on their content authenticity and their metrics.


Of course! Just contact us by email and we’ll take care of it right away.


The UGC Platform (User Generated Content) is a platform that allows brands & agencies to work with a highly vetted network of Top Social Media creators that generate high quality user generated content.


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